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Analysis of CVE-2012-0711 (IBM DB2 Integer Signedness Error)

It this post I’m going to analyse the details of CVE-2012-0711 (IBM’s security bulettin), an integer signedness bug, I’ve found in IBM DB2 Express-C a while ago. The description of the bug: “Integer signedness error in the db2dasrrm process in … Continue reading

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Debugging Java VM’s JITed code

Recently I’ve run into some misterious Java VM crashes. After narrowing down the crashing code, I’ve ended up with this POC: It must be run with -XX:CompileThreshold=100 VM option, to enable the JIT compiler to do it’s work “early”. With … Continue reading

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Retro: The “snail-line” challenge

While OTW Vortex/12 is under way, another highschool retro I’ve found. The original challenge was to draw out a 200×200 spiral as you can see it on the picture. In hungarian spiral is csigavonal, where csiga means snail and vonal … Continue reading

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