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Analyzing the “ecological footprint” of java algorithms

When trying to optimize algorithms implemented in java, not just cputime, and memory footprint are important, but often we are interested in the amount of generated garbage. If your service is bounded by some availability agreements having a deep knowledge … Continue reading

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IO trace generation in java: experimenting with sun.misc.IoTrace

I’ve recently checked the new features in the latest release (1.7.0_40) of Oracle’s Java SE, when I stumbled upon a new class, sun.misc.IoTrace. The source of sun.misc.IoTrace can be viewed here. Its basically and “empty” class, which does nothing, and … Continue reading

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Benchmark: Rhino vs Chrome V8 on server side

Since this post received a lot of criticism about the measurement method, I’ve created a revised version from it. Here you can continue with the old post:

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Hyperic vs Mysql Connector/J

I’ve started to benchmark a circular replicated mysql cluster last week, and found some strange behaviour. The cluster contains 10 nodes. The storage engine is MyISAM. We mostly do writes in that cluster. The benchmark was to create a simple … Continue reading

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