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Analysis of CVE-2013-0809

This post is about the analysis of CVE-2013-0809, a java security bug I’ve found. As it is common for java bugs, the most relevant information can be found in RedHat’s CVE database and in RedHat’s bugzilla. In this case it … Continue reading

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Analysis of CVE-2012-0711 (IBM DB2 Integer Signedness Error)

It this post I’m going to analyse the details of CVE-2012-0711 (IBM’s security bulettin), an integer signedness bug, I’ve found in IBM DB2 Express-C a while ago. The description of the bug: “Integer signedness error in the db2dasrrm process in … Continue reading

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Analysis of CVE-2011-3545 (ZDI-11-307)

I’ve decided to share the details of the first 0-day I’ve found. There are a lot of Java vulnerabilities nowadays, mainly originating from bytecode verifier bugs or desing flaws in the JDK, which can be exploited usign pure java code … Continue reading

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Analysis of ZDI-11-036, DB2DAS “ping of death”

In this post I try to analyse/reverse engineer ZDI-11-036, a buffer overflow, in the IBM DB2 administration service. We can check the advisory at ZDI for information about the vulnerability: The flaw exists within the db2dasrrm component which listens by … Continue reading

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Examining native bugs fixed by Java 1.6.26

Yesterday Oracle has released a Critical Patch Update for Java SE. It fixes a few bugs that lead to code execution. I’ve heard rumours about exploit wednesday, which happens after patch tuesday, when hackers start to diff the fixpacks, to … Continue reading

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