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Overthewire Vortex Level11, BSD Heap Smashing

It was a while ago, when I posted my last OTW solution. The reason is simple, I’ve ordered A Guide to Kernel Exploitation: Attacking the Core, a great book from twiz and sgrakkyu. You can also check the book’s website. … Continue reading

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LCD backlight, thereifixedit

I hope you know thereifixedit blog. Last weekend my LCD backlight has gone wrong … and I wanted/needed to work … The only solution I found was this: 😀 The backlight is provided by two desk lamps and some filter … Continue reading

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Hyperic vs Mysql Connector/J

I’ve started to benchmark a circular replicated mysql cluster last week, and found some strange behaviour. The cluster contains 10 nodes. The storage engine is MyISAM. We mostly do writes in that cluster. The benchmark was to create a simple … Continue reading

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Retro (electro-pr0n)

Today I stumbled upon a pic (from 2001), while browsing my archived stuff. I know I should rather post it to thereifixedit, but it recalled some “childhood” memories :-). And yes, you can see it well, the isolator under the … Continue reading

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I’ve opened up the admin interface of the blog this morning, and I was happy to see, that the blog has reached 512 visits from the beginning. A nice “round” number. I’ve never thought that it will happen once …! … Continue reading

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